Nuget Include - Access Denied

Important: Please read the first comment to this thread. It seems that the description below, while true, is not indicative of the entire issue. It was merely how I discovered the issue.


I have developed some custom activities and set up CI in our Azure DevOps tenant to handle automatically building and posting updated NuGet packages for each of our activities. This is working just fine.

I added the package feed to UiPath and selected one of the packages - in this example, Tafs.Activities.SecureString, which offers an activity to marshal a SecureString into a string.

When saving, I get the following error message:

Domino is not a direct or indirect dependency of this package (in fact, this package has no dependencies beyond the items included in NetFx), so I’m not sure why it’s even trying to access it, let alone getting an Access Denied error.

I can get around this issue by adding a manual domino dependency to my UiPath project, though this sends me down a rabbit hole of access denied errors. The “more info” dropdown shows nothing except for the method signatures and the log files show exactly the same thing as the more info dropdown, so neither are useful here.

Any ideas how to resolve this issue?

As an amendment, I have found this is happening with several projects and with any nuget package. The package that I get an access denied message for varies, but I cannot open any projects with third-party nuget packages (including packages like Newtonsoft.Json) and I cannot import any nuget packages.

After installing updates and rebooting, the situation seems to have resolved itself. Strange.

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