NuGet Feed PAT Password has a Length of Maximum 32 characters in DevOps

Why is there a restriction on entering the 52 character PAT as 32 characters and how it can be solved?

Issue Description: While trying to configure the external NuGet feed within Azure DevOps artifacts because it is not possible to enter the PAT (personal access token) as the password. The PAT is 52 characters long, but the password field is restricted to 32 characters.

Resolution: This restriction seems a limitation at User Interface level and has been highlighted to UiPath Product Group. However, it is possible to use the API in order to add a user/pass of any length - in the API > the endpoint is Settings / BulkUpdate.

Follow these detailed steps:

  1. Type any password in the UI field and click "Save"
  2. Open F12 in the browser
    • go to Network > Headers
    • double click on "UiPath.Server.Configuration.OData.UpdateBulk"
    • select "Request Payload" and "view source" and copy all the content
  3. Access in browser <Orchestrator URL>/swagger/ui/index#!/Settings/Settings_UpdateBulkwithin the Parameters section > updateBulkParameters
  4. Paste the content copied from "view source"within the pasted source, change the password value to any length desired and hit "Try it out!"
See screenshots for reference