Nuget Build Setting UiPath

Hi guys,

I have a question.
Because we working for multiple companies in the same branch we often use the same workflows. To tackle this we thought of working with libraries created in UiPath.

We want to distribute this with a MyGet account. But we also want version control.
So the idea was to :

  • Create an UiPath library in UiPath
  • Push it to Git Repo
  • MyGet build service will automatic create nuget package of the Repo.

It almost worked, but when the build was finished and i tried to import the Pacakage.
UiPath didnt recognized it as a UiPath Library.

I think I have to change things in the .nuspec file and I dont know where to place this .nuspec file either (on top of the library or inside the library)

Can someone please help me with the Nuspec file.

Greetings Cas

Hi @casaltenburg

I hope the links below help a bit: