NSL - Activation failed with error

I’ve download the trial version from the UIPath website and installed it on the laptop running Windows 7.

After installation the pop up box ask to register the copy but not showing the system DEVICE ID hence not allowing me to proceed further and failing the installation.

Activation failed with error

Error Description: NSL library not initialized
License status: Undetermined

Hi @asht,

It seems that the machine was not able to connect to our licensing system NSL. This usually happens when there are firewall restrictions that block the licensing provider.

Please try to do a clean uninstall and install again UiPath.

I suggest you to activate it as per this article using the offline method : http://www.uipath.com/kb-articles/uipath-studio-activation

Let me know if this works.


Dear community,

I am encountering the same problem. Upon first start of UiPath I choose to go with the trial license.
The next dialogue keeps the field “Device ID” empty and I receive an error message telling me that I am behind a firewall.
I am then selecting “Manual activation” and click on “Activate”. I skip the next screen with instructions and then receive above described error message: “Error generating certificate: NSL Library not initialized”.
The activation request field remains empty and nothing is in the clipboard.

A fresh install has already been done, without impacting the issue. (Same behavior before and after the installation.)

Are there any further ideas how to generate a key/request for offline activation?

Best regards,

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Hi Guys

I was facing the same issue.

I had installed UiPath Studio on one of my laptops, then did not use laptop for couple of weeks. When I started it again and launched UiPath, it gave me this error.

I had already activated UiPath upon install.

I was able to solve this problem by Running UiPath Studio as Adminstrator.

Thanks & Regards

Nimish Prabhu

I finally got a reply on this via the enterprise support channel. The bold part finally worked for me…

Error : Device ID not getting generated/NSL library could not be initialized error
This you need to have admin access.

Please check and make sure you have full permissions on %Programdata% and the Documents folder in C:\Users\Public. If you don’t have admin rights on that folder please request them internally. If you can’t find the Documents folder in C:\Users\Public please create it manually. After this you should be able to activate.