Notifying the same place by e-mail for the wrong incoming e-mail

HEllo Team!
Help me please
Code Filter=New List(of String) ({“USD”,“EUR”,“TL”})
Code Filter=ListOfmail.Where(Function(m) m.Subject.Trim.Equals(“Günlük Kur”)).FirstOrDefault
I get information from the site according to the date and currency type sent by e-mail
but the mail body may be wrong, for this I need to inform the person who sent the mail that it is wrong.
What can I do for it?
Notifying the same place by e-mail for the wrong incoming e-mail

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Hi @ertan_ay1,

Does the reply mail message activity not work?

As I understand it, you receive exchange rates with the information sent by mail, but if it is not sent in the correct format, you want to return it, is it true?


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yes sir this is what i want

but if the incoming mail is correct, the process should continue.

Do you know whether the incoming e-mail is correct by sending it to the service, or is there an e-mail format you have agreed on beforehand? @ertan_ay1

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any condition other than this will be considered false

Great then read the mail first and check the format.

You can parse this text with regex or split actions. You can check the values ​​as a result of the algorithm you use while doing this. If it does not come true or is empty, you can return to the same mail by using the reply mail directly.

If it happens, you will go to the service with these values ​​and draw dry.

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Uploading: Adsız1.jpg…

This is how I read and filtered mail

Great, you can put an if activity before the reply activity and check this value, if it is not empty, it will go to the courtship actions, if it is empty, it will send an error mail.


How can I do this? can you open it as a visual?
I don’t think I’m very good at this :frowning:

You’re actually pretty good. Can you share your project so I can add it there.

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thank you for compliment :slight_smile: I would be very happy if you could do this

I added.


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Thank you very much for your help! Now i can do this…I am thankful to you :slight_smile:

Yours truly…

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Hello again. I have a problem can you help me again?

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