Notifications - Mark all as read


It would be nice to have a “Mark all as read” in the alerts page (with an additional confirmation, to not mark all by mistake).

Currently you can only mark by selection, meaning max 50 at once.
After some intensive testing periods there can be literal hundreds of notifications (especially on a busy tenant) which could lead to paying less attention to it than it requires (or in other words - user fatigue can be an issue). Even more so for someone who was absent during that period.

I can say from other experiences with notification services that after a certain threshold I just stop paying attention to them. Here it’s a little different (as it’s part of the job :wink: ), but still it’s tiresome.

Bonus points if you give an ability to mark older than X :slight_smile:


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Hello Andrzej,

We are considering the “Mark all as read” option for the upcoming release and will do our best to include it. This is indeed something very needed and will surely be available in a future version.

Thank you very much for your feedback.


Did I overlook something. The previous post dates from 2017 and I stumbled on this post looking for a way to mark all notifications as read …

Hi @ivandeca

The promise of @AlexF might have been a bit too optimistic :slight_smile:

The feature is recognized, but it’s currently not heavily prioritized. It will reach Orchestrator at one point for sure though.

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