Notification in Orchestrator when a process is not runing the latest version of the package



When developing a process, users forget to upgrade the process and a notification can help them. Rarely, someone needs to run an old version of the package.


A notification icon already exists on the Processes page indicating that a new version of package exists.


The client was asking for a notification when, from the Jobs page, he clicks on Start Job. “This job is not using the latest package version”


He gets an alert when trying to start. Starting a process that has a package that no longer exist is not permitted from the UI. I don’t see the point in having an additional alert for this.


@andraciorici Not a package that “does not exist” but one that isn’t updated to the latest version.

I think it is more useful to have this info in the Processes page (up to date an not UTD processes). The person that start the job may not have the right to update a process.


@badita He has the right to update the process because this scenario is common for development phase. The developer creates a new package version, tries it, but forgets to update the process and he doesn’t know why the the result is not different.
In a Dev environments, developers have full rights most of the time.


In 16.1 we had an Update button for those packages that were not up to date, right?


We have an icon that announces “Updates available” also in 2016.2. Yes, in 2016.1 there was an Update button, without clicking Manage Versions, but this is not the point.
I was talking about a notification in the Jobs page, when you’re trying to run a job that doesn’t use the latest package version


I don’t think this is useful long term. In same cases yes, the developer forgets to update the Job’s version. But in most cases I don’t think they forget. Generating a notification for a normal case will be annoying long term.