Notification Alerts

Am looking solution for below scenarios
1)If service account which is used to run the Bot having account lockout issue
2) Orchestra having connectivity issues with the bot
required to send email notification in both scenarios using C# console or let me know if any possibilities.


This can be achieved using C#

  1. Get all the jobs and monitor its output. With alerts it will send for all the error. If you are looking for specific error (Account locked out), then you can check if the error is same, then send an email to the group of start another job that raises an incident for the same.
  2. This can be configured in bot itself, it there are any connectivity issues, your process will throw an exception. You can catch it and perform specific action accordingly.


Hi @Basavaraju - You can use this option in Orchestrator it will send the email once job is failed, connection error and fatel error.

Hope it will help you.


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