Nothing happens when running a job from Orchestrator

Hi guys,

We have a process to send an email to a given address which works fine locally on my machine when manually executed.

But when we run the same from Orchestrator through a job or schedule it, It appears to be completed successfully (See attached) but actually nothing happens.

Please advice what is required and whats wrong we are doing?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @humayunmalik,

I have no clue what’s wrong, but you may be able to find out yourself.

I you hover your mouse at the end of a line in the Jobs window, you can click the 3 dots:
And then select ‘View Logs’.

If the logs aren’t immediately verbose enough, you may wish to change your robot settings, and set the logging level to Verbose, and run your robot again:

Hi @Prutsert

Thanks for the suggestion, I followed this way and get trace log as well but it doesn’t seems to work since it has only traceability to start executing and finish executing the task.

Since it is successfully done, it doesn’t show any meaningful error.

Hi @humayunmalik,

If I’m not mistaken, it looks like there are only 4 lines of logging, in total. The top and bottom lines are Info, pointing to the start and end of executing the project itself. The other two lines probably represent the start and end of your Main workflow.

There are no lines between the start and the end of the Main workflow, which looks to me like a workflow that is either entirely empty. Could it be that you deployed an entirely empty package to the Orchestrator? In the Processes screen, did you activate the latest version of your package?

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@Prutsert I did activate it, and the script is working when i execute it either from Studio or Robot.

1- Any other guess why does it behave like this?
2- how many lines and what exactly it would display in the logs?
3- Also, I got faulted status on a random basis, what does it cause?

Hi @humayunmalik,

I can only asnwer your first and second question, I’m quite the beginner in this stuff. I think 4 lines is the minimum logging you’ll see in Orchestrator:

  • Info: Start Project
  • Trace: Start Workflow
  • Trace: End Workflow
  • Info: End Project

Anything else will be between lines 2 and 3. If a workflow is empty, it has nothing to log there.

As for your 3rd question, you may want to start a separate topic on that one, and add logging and screenshots to clarify your question (that was really helpful in this topic as well).

In case you never figured it out, I’ve had a similar issue before and it drove me crazy before realizing it was because the “main” file was misnamed in the project.json included in the .nupkg

Be sure to double check that your “main” file is 100% correct, because orchestrator will look to that json file and run whatever workflow you named. If you have it misnamed, it will simply start the job then end right away


Thank you @Dave i didn’t know i would have to invoke the workflow into the main. now it runs smoothly. Rookie mistakes

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Thanks @Dave same issue for me and it got resolved after invoking workflow through main.

Hi ,

We have a process job which works fine robot machine.

But when we run the same from Orchestrator machine level, It appears to be processing way till now not completed around it has taken 3 hours time .could you please elaborate this issue

Hi Dave,

Could you clarify a bit what do you mean with 100% correct? Is it the spelling of the main name, in case it has been changed to something else?

I am facing an issue where I can run processes from the agent no problem, but when I am trying to run them from the orchestrator it says that it is running but nothing happens, the process never starts on the server.

Thanks in advance

Yes, make sure the file name is spelled correctly if you renamed the .xaml file. I am not sure if it is case sensitive or not though

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