Notes / Guides / Precaution to install UiPath enterprise offline in non-internet company

Hi was not sure where to post this at which sub forum. Recently i upgraded it offline to the latest version but there was some issue like packaging offline after i realised that it was missed out. Is there anything else i should take note of?

Thank you for reading and replies.

Packaging offline, you mean the local packages which you have developed? I don’t understand what you mean :slight_smile:. whatever, have you tried to install the same package again? @haziqh

I was reffering to packages that is in packages sources ? Is there a link where i can automatically download all of the uipath packages in gallery etc…

In the start menu, you can see the project update mass tool option under Tools, there you can add the dependencies from the local path or any site. Have you tried that @haziqh?

I’ve tried that but im looking for a way to have them all bundled and package into a nuget package. What’s the necessary offline files I must have compared to in the image above without internet.

Can you please elaborate this?

bundled all packages in default package source(project dependencies ) that is linked online into one whole set of zips files or folder for offline linked usage.