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Hi have created a memo for bank statement now i have to fill the memo with excel dtat like name amount account please help me with the work flow as my ms office is courrpted so i am not able to do this please help me with notepad

Hi @akritiverma316,

Can you show some example what you are going to accomplish then we can give you the right solution

i have an excel which contains bank detail like account amount now i have to take name and account number from excel and write it on a note pad in fron of account name: amount: and have to save the file in a folder

@akritiverma316 Could you maybe show us the Notepad where you want to type the Values? I think we can enter it together while writing the Values in this way :

Name: YourValueFromExcel

Account No.: YourValueFrom Excel

@supermanPunch please helpme out

@akritiverma316 Ok. So you have a Template Ready and we just need to replace the Word Ak with it’s value from Excel and ef with Another Value from Excel If that’s right. then you have to use Replace method of String after you have read the Notepad file as a Text File.

can you share the work flow

@akritiverma316 So for each row in the Excel do you want to create separate text files?

@akritiverma316 Check this Workflow:
Print Txt (22.8 KB)

First Check the Input Folder containing an Excel File and the Template. Then Execute the Process. In the Output Folder, the txt files will be created.

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thank you so much for the help

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now how to send these file one by one to client with naming convention"today’s date_client" through outlook

@supermanPunch one last help from outputfolder

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@akritiverma316 Today’s date_ Client should be the file Name?

i need your help its urgent
Hi all i have to download a excel from mail and i have to check the data from parent file so i got stuck how to take each and every file from a folder and perform filter wizard and write it on other sheet and again i have to check the file and i have to perform same operation
how rocheck duplicay from parent file to download file dynamically.
pls help me with the workflow

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