Notepad data replace

As per my notepad…
1)20190601 which is marked in red colour should be replace by next month 20190701.

2)20190701 should be replaced it with next month i.e 20190801.
i dont want to hardcode it…
is any simple process is thereScreenshot_20190704-021904_Samsung%20Internet

Hi @venkateshtangudu datetime (strvar).Addmonth(1).ToString

Convert.toDatetime(strvar). Addmonth (2). ToString



You need to do the following steps :

  1. Read the notepad file and save the value to a string variable.
  2. Then use substring or split activities to get the particular text between those two blurred strings and the string from starting to that value will be in the first string. and String from that value should be in the second variable.
  3. Then replace the value with the present month string by concatinating the first and second strings.

This will be one case and

Second method is:

  1. If you have the value as last month, then use a variable and get the value of the previous month as Now.AddMonths(-1).Tostring(“YYYYMMDD”) Assume PrevMonth
  2. read and store the notepad value in a string Assume NOteString
  3. Then use string.Replace of NoteString.Replace(PrevMonth , Now.ToString(“YYYYMMDD”))

This should help @venkateshtangudu

And the second one is bit easy