Not working activities on remote run

Hello All!
I deployed my 4th robot and I during deployment I always came to conclusion that some activities are not very reliable on remote. Maybe I am missing something so please, if you think I am wrong, show me where.

From my experience, some activites I commonly use in my script, that work perfectly during multiple tests come out as unusable when the robot start to run remotly:

  • Load picture
  • Save picture (screenshot)
  • Image exist
  • Text exist

These are I think the most common. What is specific for the behaviour is:

-They all work flawless during development and anytime tested on local machine or when loged into remote machine and run robot / script localy

  • They fault when run remotly, either as a whole script or in separate conditions - ( to be sure there is truly what we expect to be going on on the screen)
  • Boolean returning activities always return False, also if they are in a the loop to check multiple times.
  • Image activities fault as “activity failed” or “reference not set to an instance of an object” - where I simultaniously check if object type is truly the one activity expect, which return OK.
  • I did set up my resolution via orchestrator to fit the one during development
  • I use delays and type of object to be sure there is no null value as an input
  • Screenshot after error also approves that specific element is visible on the screen, however activity seem to be blind towards it.

This all come strange to me and I always invest a lot of time into workarounds which are not as specific as I would like to use for my conditioning - for example multiple pop up windows, which text contain is crutial to the decision logic, etc…

Any suggestions anyone?

Thnx in advance!

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