Not work system.directoryservices.accountmanagement.user

ok Now I know how to closed this from next time I will surely clsoed this


For every post, there will be one Tick mark [✓] symbol. Select the correct post which your query got resolved. Then post will be closed automatically after selecting it.

Yes I got this from next time I surely closed this please help me to resolve this issue


Take one Click to click on that drop down menu and after that give give 2 or 3 sec delay and then use one more click Activity to select “PDF” from that list. Use F2 key for delay.

yes thanks it work but it work some time and some time not work I do not understand the exact issue.I try 7-8 time delay then it work one time.Can Please tell me how exact it will work…?


After clicking Drop down, will drop down menu appear immediately or not ?

And also check SimlateType or SendWindowMessage activity for that second click activity and then give it a try once.

it appear immediately.sorry did not understand SimlateType or SendWindowMessage…?


You can find these options in properties of that click activity. Select any one option for that second click activity and then try once. It will work in back ground.

on the time of recording.where I can these properties when click web recording then web recording start only only symbol shows if I click right click this only for save recording or exit.I am just saving file click save as enter the path where I am trying save this file.but save as shows but path window not appear.I am not able to see any property