Not view the System Option

Why can’t I find the System option from the activities?

HI @Castillo_Luis_Peru

Have you Install the Uipath.System.Activities from Manage package?

Check out the Screenshot @Castillo_Luis_Peru

hi @Gokul001 , yes my friends

Can you tell us which activity you don’t find. @Castillo_Luis_Peru

Check out the Screenshot from my Environment @Castillo_Luis_Peru

well, what I want to work on is to replace the upload of a file by sftp that I currently do manually, I wanted to use the option that the robot executes the same thing that I do in the filezilla application

Okay @Castillo_Luis_Peru . What is the problem your are facing now? Do you have any issue

@Gokul001 , I saw a tutorial where they used the open application activity, but I see that I don’t have it, I only have these options

Hi @Castillo_Luis_Peru

Go to Project → Setting → General → Disable the Modern Design → Click Ok



@Gokul001 , Thank you very much, view now this option!!

Great @Castillo_Luis_Peru , Kindly close this topic by mark as solved

It will help for other too.