Not sure if I don't understand the point of the official/enterprise version of Orchestrator

I am not sure about the point of purchasing Orchestrator, and I want some explanation.

I have been developing UiPath projects, and when I access


you can access the online version of orchestrator… for free, right? You can even create queues, monitor your project statuses, and schedule your robots so you can run them at specific times.
Then why do we need to actually purchase Orchestrator?

I am not the customer, but the developer, but I am seeing this from the customer’s point of view…
Can anyone clarify this for me?

Also, a related question.
When I publish a program from UiPath Studio, the package file is saved, and I can run it from Agent using the robot app in the service tray. In the orchestrator settings, there is “Orchestrator URL”.

Isn’t this always https://pl ?
Why do you need to specify this every time, when you always put this URL…?

Hi @tomato25,
First of all the Community (Free) Orchestrator has limited number of licences. You agree that it can be maintained from time to time which can cause some issues like unavailability of Orchestrator for some amount of time. Additionally it’s always pushed to the newest version so in case you are using old studio version, you might be pushed to update it as well.

Enterprise version gives you possibility to install Orchestrator instance wherever you want in your environment. It can be local or cloud-based server. It gives you possibility to upload as many licenses (robots) as you wish. And finally in case of security restriction in some companies… you are deciding about security and data flow from and to Orchestrator.

Regarding last question. If you will deploy your own instance of Orchestrator you need to configure robots so they will connect to it and of course it will be not “” then. So this is the reason this box need be editable.