Not running in production

My uipath project is not running in production. It is failing to load python script.
though python 36 is installed

Fine no worries
May I know what was the error we were facing
Cheers @KarthikBallary

It itslef not loading. some operational error
But I can run from my sys

I hope the path you gave in the workflow is short @KarthikBallary

Try updating the package I mean, publishing the package again by giving the full path of the file (python file)

I think is pointing to pycharm and in production they don’t have pycharm only python 36 exe. so what could be the solution. Any python masters pls suggest.
I am not able to run pyscript via cmd only through pycharam

Even the pycharm will run the command prompt to python code.

Can you post the error which you got when running in command prompt?

can’t find default python

That is due to environment variables @KarthikBallary,

Check once by adding the python path to the environmental variables :slight_smile:

Which version of python you have?

that is already done.
python 36

Kindly Choose Auto in the property panel instead of choosing the python version installed

Cheers @KarthikBallary

python file path>…is this ryt cmmnd ryt?

thats also done

Then it should work for sure @KarthikBallary if you set the path correctly

Remember, you need to add two paths,

‘C:\Python36’ and ‘C:\Python36\scripts’

yes that is done

problem is in production pycharm is not der. pyscript file is pointing to pycharam. Tell me how to make it global

we need to set env variables in sys variables or user variables

User variables are for your particular user. If you set system variables, then it will work for all the users in the system I mean, it will set the path globally

along with path do we need to mention python.exe?

This is my path


As I have two versions installed in my machine @KarthikBallary