Not receiving the Community Edition Download LInk

How long does it take for the download link to show through email? It has been about 8 hrs since I’ve signed up. Double checked in promotion and spam.


It won’t take much time and within 5 to 10 mins. will get mail. Please try with some other email once.

I have. Tried it with another email 6 hrs ago. When the first one was not going through.

I have just signed up again with 2 more other emails.


Still you didn’t receive download link mail?

That is correct.

I have signed up with 4 emails so far on chrome, chrome (incognito), firefox, & safari.

It is not in my inbox, promotion, or spam folders.

Still not there…

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Nothing yet @shyftlabs?

yes … @shyftlabs even i cant download … i tried with 3 emails…

I heard from my partner the same issue. He entered with all information but never received the e-mail with community version download link.

This will expect your company email id if you are trying with creating Gmail account and Gmail I’d you might not receive any download link, please provide your work email id and try it.

We’ve researched through out the forum and seems that this has been a constant problem for over a year now. With such a talent team on the engineering side, why is a sustainable solution not presented? In terms of business, it looks like many potentials customers are turned away merely because they are not able to download the software?

Is there an admin that is able to look into this issue please?

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Hi @Divyashreem He was using the company email to receive the download link.

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@DiegoTurati I’ve signed up with over 5 emails. From personal to company emails.

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Yes, my friend is facing the same problem :frowning:

I am trying to talk with someone from support team in order to check what’s going on.

I believe there were some issues with a third party, yet relevant service. It should all be fixed by now and working as it should.

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Hello all,

I’ve signed up multiple times over the past few weeks with my work email address and did not receive the download link. Checked the junk folder too. Is there a solution to this?

Thank you!

@aglaia, please sign into and you’ll find there the download link.


Perfect, it worked! Thank you!

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