Not receiving email to download enterprise edition

Hello Team,

I have registered to download the enterprise edition but I am not receiving any email to download it.

How else can we download it.


Hello :slight_smile:

For how long have you been waiting? My advice is to wait at least 24 hours to receive the download link.

For one of my colleagues it has been almost 15 days. For me I have just registered. None got the email

Please, wait till tomorrow. Also, certify you’re using your company email to request the Enterprise Edition.


Yes I am using the company email id.

Another doubt I have is that I have downloaded the Community edition and it got downloaded as an exe of 119 mb. Now when I am running that exe it runs as a bundled software and does not install…what this is resulting into is that while I am running the Project, it is saying no services available. How do I fix this.

Hi @vaibhav15211

The .exe installer actually installs in the folder of the current user. You should have a shortcut in your start menu afterwards :slight_smile:

Do not keep running Studio from the installer because it ill keep resetting the options.

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