Not received RPA platform trial email download link

I had registered to download RPA Platform trial yesterday, but couldn’t get any download link to my registered email id. I’m trying again and again but getting nothing.

Please help me out.

Ashutosh Khantwal

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@Vikas.Jain same query again. :smiley:

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yeah , what could I do to solve it?
Please help.

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here is the link to download
but its UiPath Studio not community anyway explore RPA for 60day and later you can extend your free trial.


I too am facing this issue. I had requested for access to trial version of UI Path Studio using my work email 3 days back. But I haven’t received any link. Kindly help

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You could use the link provided by @ddpadil .

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when I went to this link, I am getting an error saying App not found. Please check that you are a user of the app, and make sure to sign in with the right account.

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This link is not valid anymore .Its made private.
You just have to wait for an email .


I am not receiving any mails from UI path whether it’s for account creation or request for download. Is there any other way out?

Hope you have register here.
Download URL: Free Community Edition

I had registered for UIPath Studio Trial version not community edition, but I haven’t received any mail with download link


Hi Pramod,

Have you requested the Trial with your gmail address? If so, you are not in the use of Trial Platform terms & conditions. How many times have you done the request?

I had requested the Trial with my work email address. I had raised request 3-4 times.

Please send me a private message with your work address so we can investigate. Silly question, but have you checked the Spam folder as well?

Hello, I have the same issue as stated above. I requested for a Trial with my work email address and still have not recieved any email regarding the download link.


You should receive it in a day or two, if not then just send an e-mail to the UiPath support.

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Same problem. Me and one one of my colleague earlier tried to register but it’s been almoust a week since then. I wanted to send email to UiPath support but couldn’t find an adress.

please provide your email addresses, maybe i can help

My e-mail address -
Thank you very much.
May be it was blocked with company firewall, but to be sure i need to know email address of addressee.