Not overwrite attachment with same file name

Hi everyone,

is there any method to save attachment with same name from different emails without overwriting? Furthermore I would need a method to check if the same name file (.xlsx format) has different content, like fore example Column 1 From File A and Column1 from File B has different values; if there are different values save with new name, if there are not not save the attachment.

Thanks eveybody

I am sorry that one one cared to reply

6 months later but maybe still usefull to someone.

You will find in this thread a way to save your attachments with a timestampe and avoid to overwrite it in the case you already saved it.

For the second part you were asking for, you can use the to check if the attachment file already exist in the dedicated folder (e.g: use a file exist activity). If True, you can save it in a temp folder, and then check the data in column 1 of each file with a read range activity.