Not making a directory name visible in the "Type Into" activity text box

Hi there

I need some assistance please.

I would like to know if it’s possible for me to make my directory name non-visible in the Type Into textbox by maybe using configuring a file or using a GET ASSET NAME activity that will pick up the directory from orchestrator?

You could easily create a Config file and parse it to a dictionary that way each individual who receives the .xaml files and intends to run it would have to setup their own Config file keeping your information secured to yourself.

As for the Orchestrator Asset, yeah you can use this as well, but you’d likely still want the Config file, otherwise any user running the .xaml file which know which asset you’re accessing within Orchestrator to get the directory path. The exception to that is if they don’t have access to the Orchestrator Asset, but regardless controlling these types of parameters from a Config file is the best case because it takes the weight off of actually having to edit the code. You can test the code and ensure it’s valid and error proofed, then each individual user just has to edit the Config file, and if the process fails, it should not be due to the .xaml file, but rather the Config/Orchestrator setup which is an easy fix.