Not have a tab user in orchestrator

I don´t have a tab user in my orchestrator.
I am in a tenant page and it lack me a user tab like in the tutorial.

why? what can I do?

page tutorial

my page

Hi @Carmen_Tur, the interface it is different, Go to Manage Access => Assign Roles.

You can also go to Folders => Select folder



Users you will find under Admin->users and groups as shown below:

You will get to know lot more details with this doc

Hope this would help you resolve this

Cheers @Carmen_Tur

Hey @Carmen_Tur,

You can see the users in the Manage Access tab which is 3rd tab on your image.



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Yes I know @William_Blech_Sister @Palaniyappan but I couldn’t find the tab.
Thanks @shreyash_shirbhate for pointing me out.

Another question, I have a trial version (that’s reason my interface is different). Will I be able to do the practice for the RPA developer certificate?

I’m trying to do it, but many things are different regarding the tutorial.

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Hey @Carmen_Tur, You are always welcome.

It is not the different because you are using the trial version. Same kind of UI and tabs are over there on Enterprise as well.

Tutorial are made on the older version of orchestrator. So that’s why it looks different.

And Yes you will be able to do practice for RPA developer certificate on trial as well as enterprise edition.

Let me know in case of other issues. Thanks!

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Ey! thanks for your message! In that case, I’m going to continue with my learning!


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