Not getting updated as "Validated" for Same name in excel

Hi All

having Twice same name in excel and its validating Only one name
Have used For Each Row Data Table but its not getting updated

Are you facing an error for those two rows? If yes, surround your activity with a try-catch inside for each row in the data table. Catch the exception message if an error occurs for the row of data and write it in the section.
Can I have a full workflow?

@Sam_H can you upload your xaml sequence here

Bot not able to update as validated for that Name


This is work flow were i’m reading the names and updating as validated if condition is met

But if i have same name twice time in excel its not getting updated as validated

Can you help me o this

Hi @Sam_H ,

Change If condition like below and try again




its not working

Hi @Sam_H

if possible kindly share sample excel file


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