Not Getting the value from SHA using Get Text Activity

Does anyone know why I don’t see the value?
I try with aaname and it doesn’t work either



Can you check this below selector and let us know if it is working for you,

<html app='chrome.exe' title='SHA1 online' />
<webctrl tag='P' aaname='*Result for sha1:*' />
<webctrl id='result-sha1' tag='SPAN' aaname='*' />

Use Web Ctrl Id as shown below


webctrl id=‘result-sha1’ tag=‘SPAN’

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yes it worked
it takes about 30 seconds to read the first one
someone doesn’t read them

excuse me
another question
I have a popup window that clicks but I have to give it again manually

Try Inserting a delay of few second before the get Text … Also you can use element exists First to verify if the Code is loaded - If Yes - Then Extarct

it does not work

if you copy the text, it does not accept, and if you do not copy it, it does accept



Try Running the Automation in Debug Mode and see which activity particularly is not work and see what is the state of the application at that moment.

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