Not getting the pass mark in the Calculate Client Security Hash - Upload Assignment (1.9 MB)

Hi I have done my assignment as per the process work through, and the process is running fine. But still I am not getting pass marks in the assignment. Can anyone check it and let me know, what are the necessary changes I need to do here in order to get the pass mark.


@roysourav06 - please do the acme data reset → run your project in studio and watch the execution. If you didnt find any issues - please upload the solution again and check the results…


I tried the same way, but I am not getting pass mark. Is my project is fine ?

As mentioned , Submitted again, getting score 5/100.
Can any one suggest me what wrong am I doing?

Last Score screenshot has been attached. Please refer to that.

Hello Team,

Kindly suggest ,
what need to de done…? I have Completed the assignment as per pdd documents and all hash has been completed in acm system but there is no evaluation of project. It is always 0/100

Don’t reset test data before submitting the assignment. And see if that works?
I also faced the similar issue where everything was working fine on my machine but after uploading my workflow zip it was showing me 0/100. I was resetting test data every time before uploading the assignment.

At last, i ran it again at my end and didn’t reset test data and uploaded the assignment again and it worked


He said is true

Don’t reset your test data after completing process, just run it and after running process successfully, zip the workflow and upload in the assignment section

Nived N