Not getting the exact email address from sender

When trying to get the email address from sender, sometimes the email address is correct and sometimes it’s adding many other characters.

i.e.: “/CN=RECIPIENT/CN=Domain name-52023- EMAIL ADDRESS 55D”

Any idea where that could come from?

Thank you

Hello crowdo,

I’ve had this issue before and I did resolve it, once I troubleshooted it showed that this is not an issue with the activity, its on your mail service provider.

The thing is that newly created mailboxes will give you the the string showed at your image, while the old mailboxes will give you the right mail address.

To resolve your issue, contact your mail administrator to provide you the legacyExchangeDN attribute value of an old mailbox, you’ll find a fixed prefix prior to “/CN=RECIPIENTS/CN=…”.

Now you’ll need to check if the mail address starts with “/”, then add the fixed prefix prior to the string, if not, then dont make any action on the mail address.

Hi @Faris thank you for your reply. It is a good idea, I will check that with my IT team.

I have another issue, for some cases the email address is written as null… while I can extract the email subject or body. Any idea for that? thank you

I’ve never faced this issue, can you give more details on how you extract the email address value? do you use Get Outlook Mail Messages? or just share a screen shot of a null value shown.


Hi @crowdo,
Were you able to find a solution to MailItem.From address being shown as null?
Having the same issue on a newly setup client machine for me.