Not getting expected result using Data Scraping


can anyone advise me to scrape data from the below link.I have tried using Data scraping but not getting expected result as some records have not all values and some of them have…

Thank you

Hi @Jyotika_Halai

What fields do you need in that website?

if you check div tag in that page,Every field value are not in order. Some div tag has appointment date and some of have not. When i scraping Appointed date,it should be blank if its not present but its fetching other value. Is there any way to create dynamic scraping?

yes your right, the inconsistent structure is confusing the datascraper
in such cases some RnD is suggested and with at least following 3 Techniques it can be reacted on this:

  • fine tuning ExtractMetadata XML (The extraction configuration)
  • Combining with find children
  • grabbing xhtml from some parts and doing some parsing afterwards

let me know in case of you need more support.

For last option have a look here