Not Getting exact value in output excel

Hi Every one

i’m trying extract some value from 10 PDF using Document understating but not getting printed exact value in excel

Colum repeating twice time in excel

can you check each fields are extracting from each PDFs?

debug and check from watch panel

Hai @sachin_hu , Pdf format is converted from text document or image type Pdf format?
If it is image type pdf format, then refer this video

Its text Document and extracting some specific data from PDF using taxonomy and writing in excel its reading reading twice time

its not showing any thing in watch

try it by clearing the read Dt at the end of the flow.

Its clearing entire data and Not showing any thing in excel

After writing into excel sheet, then clear dt

tried same issue

Try this step:

  1. Read data from PDF
  2. Store the value in variable
  3. Create a new DB
  4. Add a row in DB and enter the variable
  5. Write into excel sheet
  6. Clear DB

@sachin_hu Can you check the Taxonomy Manager to make sure the Invoice Number is not defined twice

Hello @sachin_hu

Is there any specific value repeated twice? Because in the excel ss which you have shared it seems only Account number is having duplicate entry

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