Not getting any other option than service in fast track latest version of orchestrator. From where to get queue and assets


Click on that name Robo. It will redirect to your tenant region in the cloud.

To know more about this, goto Resources Center tab and then Introduction.

Thank you @lakshman, I am further getting error while connecting to orchestrator. Error-"“A robot with username is not defined”. How to solve this and do we need to give in orchestrator url robot tray.

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Hi @Srishti_Agarwal

I guess after you enter your ‘Robo’ service which opens up your free orchestrator platform -

  1. Register your machine (standard) with exactly your machine name (your robot tray has the machine/ laptop name already present or you can use cmd prompt for that (Who am I or ‘set user’ commands)) Add standard machine
  2. To that registered machine only you have to provision the robot that is your VM or your laptop or desktop. Provisioning a robot
  3. Then refresh and check from the robot tray whether it is connected and licensed and you are ready to run your bot.

Regards :slight_smile:

PS : Please don’t forget to create an ‘environment’ and then pool your robot into that env.

Environments - Robots UiPath


Thanks @Raghavendraprasad, But error us still there. Even if I am trying to create attended robot its showing no more attended robots. I had created earlier in previous version but cant see it now.

Well @Srishti_Agarwal

Attended robots are limited for community license. Go to your service account and see how many you have already consumed. And then while configuring the robot see whether you have assigned Development license or attended robot license so that you can limit the consumption to one robot.

PS : Try removing your existing service and create a new one with all the above mentioned steps. You will have once license of each kind of robot in your platform if I am not wrong. get back if the issue persists we might have to dive into the issue you will have to share all screenshots.

Thanks, it worked. :slight_smile:

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Glad it did. You’re welcome

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