Not getting all values from multiple files in excel sheet

I am trying to retrieve data from various registration forms (stored in a folder) all corresponding to 1 template and populating the values to an excel sheet using Form extractor. I am extracting values in validation station and moving to Dataset. From that Dataset, i am trying to export to an excel sheet. But the problem is that only the data corresponding to the last document in the folder is getting populated to the excel sheet.How to resolve it?
Also is there any way to check whether a document is getting extracted by ML extractor or Form extractor. Documents getting extracted by ML extractor need to be populated to a different excel sheet.

Hi @Gopalakrishnan_K

I think for writing dataset u had directly used write range

If it is , then It will overwrite the existing data and write the new one.

Since u are retrieving the data from folder and u are using for each activitiy , before for each activitiy use define a int32 varible index and assign value as 1

Then while writing dataset use the following if Condition, index =1 , if it is true it implies that it is the first document to be processed and write the data directly to it with headers

Then after if Condition increment the index by one

If index is not equal to 1 the.n use append range activitiy to append future datasets and it will not overwrite the existing data there

Hope it helps you


Happy Automation :relaxed: :relaxed:

I tried it but I’m getting the required data twice.Don’t know why.