Not getting all options in additional filters or fields

Hi Everyone,

I recently started building automations with UiPath StudioX as per the activity in the academy. Following the steps and duplicating and learning the tool.

I’m using the version 2022.4.3 of UiPath Studio enterprise addition.

Can you please let me know if there is any way around to see those options?


Hi @ankushyemme

Could you confirm that you are using the StudioX profile (to be changed in Studio settings)?

Also, which activity is it?

HI Maciej,

Thanks for the response, just noticed I was using Studio rather than StudioX.

Switched profile to StudioX and I’m able to see the options.

Is there a way to load a project created in Studio to StudioX?



Unfortunately a project created in Studio will not load under StudioX :slight_smile:


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