Not found a SAP field in transaction

Hello, we have received a new SAP Gui. Since the update, my colleague’s UiPath no longer recognizes all of the SAP fields. We have already checked the scripting in the client settings. I think the server settings in the RZ11 are correct, becaus it works on my computer. We works on the same server.

The field username an passwort can UiPath found. And typ into a new transaction too. But in the transaction e.g. mir6 UiPath not found a field.

Do you still have an idea what could be the reason?

Thank you in adcvance

Hi @nina.wenner ,

Could you let us know if it is the same when tried with other T-Codes or Transaction as well ?

Also, Could you explain what you meant by “not found a field” ? Did it give an error or was it recognising the whole window as an element ?

Does the above statement mean that UiPath is able to recognise the elements in your Computer ?

Hi @supermanPunch ,

we were able to solve the problem. It was probably the following setting:

the hook was on the system default.

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