Not every file is saving

I am trying to download files (.txt) from an application, but not every file is being downloaded. I have a foreach activity that processes rows from my input, I then have some click activities, but it doesn’t seem to want to click save every time and it causes my bot to fail. But this part is weird, because the Save button & Download Window closes, but I can’t tell if the save file really saved or was saved in another folder. What recommendations do you all have to make sure the button is being clicked and the file is being downloaded.

if you use modern click activity, theres an option to set the verification target (the element that is supposed to appear once you click “Save”

you need to set retry = True and timeout = few seconds e.g. 3seconds
this means if verification element doesnt appear in 3 seconds, it will click “save” again

more information about modern click

@jack.chan, thank you for responding. I never heard of a modern click activity before - my activity is: UiPath.Core.Activities.Click. Attached is the screenshot of my click activity properties. The user’s computer doesn’t work with the stimulate click either as to why it says false.

you can enable modern activities by click filter button and click show modern

then modern activities will show up under activities list

if you dont have modern activities, you can do the same using a retry scope
test12334.xaml (11.5 KB)

Hello @Samantha_N

you can create your new project as modern designer or you can enable the modern acitivties in the classic project.

Still if you want to continue with the classic click activity, you can use some conditions to wait for the element to exist. for that you can use wait for element exists activity or element exists and write the condition.