Not equal to

I want to make a condition like this ( (FinalFileName <> “2018”) Or (FinalFileName <> “2019”) Or (FinalFileName <> “2019”) ) which means that if the file name is not equal to those options he executes the rest of the program. but it doesn’t work.


can you the file or the screenshot .
have a look on this snippet->

try this

not ((FinalFileName = “2018”) or (FinalFileName = “2019”))


Try this…

FileName.equals("2018") or FileName.equals("2019") or FileName.equals("2020")

In else block do whatever you want…

In then block leave it blank

Try this and let me know


NOT {“2018”,“2019”,“2020”}.Contains(FinalFileName)

OR is incorrect logic here. X <> 2018 OR X <> 2019 will ALWAYS be true.

In this case you use AND, not OR.

worked perfectly, thanks