Not data is fetched from Intelligent Form Extractor

Hi Community,

I have troubles fetching data from documents (PDF-files).

In my project I have:
1 - created an activity that first load all the files from a certain folder
2 - next step is to load the taxonomy
3 - For-Each file the following:
a) Digitize document
b) Data Extraction Scope → with Intelligent Form Extractor
c) Present Validation Station

In the validation station I alsways get no-data extracted. Everytime the process goes trough the loop and processes next document I see the same empty results.

What is it that I am doing wrong? I used the classifiert, but now I use the DocumentTypeId from the Taxonomy Manager as it is always the same type of Document.

Thank you and best regards,

Hi @Robert_Heggio

Did u pass an empty ‘.json’ file to the classifier and checked the Document types in the Configure Classifier option as shown in the attached snap?

Let me know if you did so.


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While configuring the Intelligent Extractor, have you used “Create Template” or “Import Template” ?

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