Not creating excel under desired conditions

Hello to everyone,

I am creating Excel files with DateTime data in them. In the example below, I don’t want to create from Alperen KEZAY’s table again.


I have set up such an algorithm, but I cannot use length.

How can I make a transaction?


I get this error


Hi @MrKezay

What is your input and what do you want to achieve (required output)?



First marked field dateTime second marked field customer name. I don’t want it to generate two excels from the same customer name.

You want to change file name and want to remove the user name from the file name?

I want to delete the second created file

I am unable to understand your problem.

Every time I run the project, it creates files with the same customer names. I want to work with a single file. I want to delete files with same customer names.

When you run the project just check if the folder is empty or not if there are files in it then delete and write new files.

I want to keep the first created file and delete the later created files.

If you do not want to create file with same customer name, before creating a file check in your folder if it contains file name with current customer name if exists do not create file.

Or if you want to create files daily then create a daywise folder and put the relevant file there, you can always clean or archive the folder which is not needed after some time.