Not able to write Validated without changing the position of row

i am adding “validated” in a current row but while writing into the the excel its changing the the position of the the row its writing from A1 we need to identify the count of the row no. and add the “VALIDATED” in AU Column the same ROW NO. .

Hi @sandeshdeshpande726

For this which you identify your current row…you will get the index of that row from the index in your for loop…check the for loop properties… now add index+1 is the row count in excel if you are reading data from row 1 in excel…if the reading changes then add the number accordingly

Use that in write cel with cell as AU+ (index+1).tostring

This is how you need to identify and write


actually we getting the name from another file
the with that name we have to filter in this file
so if answer is applicable to this condition can you please elaborate

Hi @sandeshdeshpande726

DO both the files look alike? I mean the data starts at same point and the values stay in same rows?
If yes then same I said above in for loop you will find the index value can get index and then open second file and use the index as stated above


else you can use a assign activity and increment by 1 to get the loop count as well


no both files does not look alike

Hi @sandeshdeshpande726

Then how to you know manually where to paste?

if you are looking at some value in a column and then want to give the value beside it then you can use find/replace and find that row using the value you know . this will give you the cell address which contains row and the column. extract row and use it for your next activity to write the data


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