Not able to write "Validate" Row by row

Hi All

after Validating data its not able to write Validated in AU column in excel


HI @Sam_H

!) Use Read Range activity | Store it as DtRead

  1. Use For each row in Data Table activity

  2. Inside the for each row Use Assign activity

Currentrow(ColumnIndex) = "Vaildate"

  1. Outside the For Each row in DataTable Use Write range activity


HI @Sam_H

Check out the XAML file

WriteStatusForEachRow.xaml (6.7 KB)


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@Gokul001 Do i Need to put ant Cell Range

No need to any range in the cell Just use "" @Sam_H

@Gokul001 Thankyou its working

But i’m Not able to filter it for line description and Need to Add “Checked” in Column I

Hi @Sam_H

For this can you create a new topic for this issue. Kindly close this topic by mark as solved.


Sure Thankyou

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