Not able to use orchestrator CE ( and I have "An error has occurred"




I use Orchestator CE 2018.2 and two robots for the tests. Yesterday Orchestrator stopped working.
For any actions that you do in it (starting a process, updating a package, deleting a robot), an error occurs “An error has occurred”

what to do ?


Same here. Please Help us.
I even cannot make a new tenant.


Hi @Kirill_Kubskiy and @TJHAN ,

Can you try now because it is working for me…




I still have all the actions give an error (


Thankyou @balupad14.
but still have problem too…

HI @Kirill_Kubskiy
Have you tried to make a new tenant too?


Hi @Kirill_Kubskiy



no, I’m waiting when they fix it


I have this problem too


Now It works. time wasted… anyway Thank you all.


I have good work too


I am getting a similar problem now and unable to login to Orchestrator. Is the platform down? Is there a site that monitors the health of so we can check to see if it is down for some reason?



I am facing the issue again from yesterday(august 18)

when i login,getting internal error :500, because of this am unable to continue the assignment 2 testing.

When it will be fixed



Now I was able to log in and am getting a message “global_dialog_error_message”. Please let us know when this is expected to be cleared up?


Please search if the same thread had been answered before :slight_smile:


Hi All,

Anyone still experiencing the same problem? I do :slight_smile:

Thank you.



Yes, I do