Not able to type into 2nd matched row from specified column in for each row loop after processing first row value

In web page table,from first column i need to click links of every matched row from first column one by one in for each row loop.After processing first row value,it is throwing error as like this.

Please reply ASAP what is this issue?

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Can you paste your workflow or some screenshots of your requirement?

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not able to share.initially i have assigned datatable to row(0) is processing first matched value.for second value not able to type into when repeating loop

Can you share screenshot of the table and also workflow if not code

i have a table with rows & columns.i searched with a keyword in table.If keyword found in table data then that row first column link should click & process.

Now i did like this.i extracted table data & stored in datatable & assigned to row(0).tostring.In search field i clicked that link & processed.In loop when repeating in search field row value in type into activity is throwing error as system.aggregate exceptionvalue does not fall with the expected range

I understood the issue. But it will be helpful if you provide screenshots.
However, check is your click activity target - waitforready property is Interactive. If so mark it as complete and try running.
Also set some delays and check.

i executed by changing to complete for type into same error is thrown…where should we add delays before type into right?

Try adding for both click and type into