Not able to type @ and # symbols

Please help me, i am trying to type a tweet on twitter which includes @ and # symbols but when the ui path bot reaches to @ and # symbols it automatically clicks on tweet instead of typing # and @, please help me its very urgent, please see the small loom video recording to understand my problem in detail
loom link - Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

see workflow

Hey Deepak!

Have you tried uncheck send windows messages and check simulate type ?

Also, @ is equals Chr(64) and # is equal Chr(35), try to replace them.

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Can you try the following steps?

First, copy your string to clipboard using SetToClipboard activity.

Then, send hot key Ctrl+v to the field.



Hey bro can we do from excel also how I can copy range one by one and paste particular places ?

can it possible

Hi @Deepak_Gautam

You can try with write range activity.


see these

autoamtion of linkedin lead (

i am trying to make like copy from sheet and paste into web not using typeinto activity

can it possible any activity there I am new

Hi @Deepak_Gautam

Here the steps below to achieve the automation that you have mentionesd above.

*Read Range the excel that you have the information.
*Add data Column with the Names and Url
*Open Browser with the Chrome Url.
*For each row of the ReadexcelDt.

  • Type Into the CurrentRow(Index of the firstColumn Or ColumName with index “”)
    *Click the Url with the Dynamic selector by passing the aaname or innertext with the row values.
    *Use Get attriute to store the Url value.
    *Assign the currentrow(2) with get attribute output.
    *Use GetText to Get the name of the Profile.
    *Assign the currentRow(1) with the Gettext value.
    *Use Go back Activity.
    *Below the Scope of the for Each Write Range.


How to make like these type instructions? - Help / Activities - UiPath Community Forum

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