Not able to signin after change in the email id (from personal email to official)

Hi All,

I have change my email id from the “Account setting” page (from to and now i am not able to sign in to academy using

Below is the error message .

Request Id: 8b8d7fcf-a6f6-4ac7-8ed4-80a6da9b5f00
Correlation Id: cb9521f7-3b14-439b-b73b-2aacc06d96f7
Timestamp: 2020-04-14T11:41:41Z
Message: AADSTS7000112: Application ‘eb812cb0-7881-44a8-82f7-df95f812e34d’(UiPath Cloud Platform) is disabled.

Kindly help


To sign in the uipath academy website use your username not your email. is my official email id, and i am not able to signin using the email id. However, i am able to signin using


That’s weird, check if the email have been correctly changed…

No, I am using it everyday for official purpose.

Check if it has been changed on the academy website…