Not able to sign in orchestrator 2022 using assistance

HI All,

i want to connect orchestrator 2022 to assistance using service URL ,when i tried it is not sign in. Getting below screen again

Hi Tushar,

Please check the internet connectvity and try to connect using orchestrator service URL or Machine key.

thanks for the reply. i am able to connect with machine key but i want to connect using service url

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Hi Tushar,

Then try to connect with correct orchestrator service URL…if u have any issue in that means pls share the screenshot.

I am using correct orchestrator url .it redirect to browser to provide credentials so i used orchestrator tenant login credentials.
But after successful accepting credtial in assistance black page is coming which is shown in initial question

Usually when we try to connect using both URL or machine key it won’t ask login credentials.If u r having trouble whileusing orchestrator url means u can connect with machine key.