Not able to send an email after creating the pivot table

Hi All, in my requirement I need to send the pivot table excel sheet to an email, but getting the below error,

And below one is the xaml file attached.


check if any other process is using the excel in Taskmanager and try once again

@sushmithaelluru If u have opened that excel file, close it and run your workflow that will work for you.

HI @Manjuts90, I wrote “excel.quit” in the vbscript of pivot table, the excel get closes, but also am getting the same mentioned error.

@sushmithaelluru check once whether it is closing or not?

Yes @Manjuts90, it is closing!! I attached the xaml file. Can you look into once.


did you check any other excel processes are running in background in taskmanager process tab

Yes @phyogananda, I checked . But no excel another process is running.

we always face problems like these in our automation, if nothing works we will restart our system and execute. it will work always

Ok, I will restart and check.

@sushmithaelluru - Before sending the email could you save the file and send as an attachment in the mail activity.

@phyogananda, after restarting the system too getting the same error!!


you tried sending the mail without attachment, is it working ??

Ya @phyogananda, tried but getting the below error,

Without attachment, now am able to send email @phyogananda!!


in that case, is any prob with excel like it is protected or locked.

can u try attaching some other file and see if u are getting same error.

HI @phyogananda, there is no problem with the excel attached.!!


try attaching some other excel file

Ok, will try

Hai @phyogananda, I attached the different excel sheet, getting the below attached error!