Not able to select the file


Attached picture showing a “csv” file and I am not able to select it using UiPath.


May I know what you want to do after selecting that CSV file ?

I need to save it in local PC and then use the data. Because the file is showing in a server which i need to connect by using remote desktop.


We can share these files in many ways from remote server to your local machine

  1. If you have a shared drive folder then try to place these files there so that you can access that drive in your local machine as well

  2. Or we can try with FTP activities
    How to use get directory on FTP Server and pickup specific files?

Cheers @mohebul

Thank you for the reply.
But I have to use a special softwer to log in the server for data security issue and I need to download it through it.
You can see a download buttion in the picture wich will active if I select the file. And the problem is I am not able to select it through UiPath.

Fine then
Did we try with SEND HOT KEY activity with keys like ctrl+a for all file selection
shift+down key to select set of file
If you have any other keyboard shortcuts for that application to select the files then we can do it with send hot key activity


Thanks for the idea.
first of all, there is huge number of files there and if we select all the files by sending, the hot key ctrl+A then it will create a new problem. I need to select the specific file.