Not able to select server name in -SAP

Hello all.

I am trying to open SAP application. In Debug mode the work flow works fine.
But after publishing, it is not able to select the server name.

Getting this error:

Error Occurred. Message[Cannot bring the target application in the foreground. The action was blocked by the current foreground window ‘New notification’ from the process ‘shellexperiencehost.exe.’] Source[Invoke Workflow File [SapLogon]: Click text ServerName]

Hello @happyfeat87

During execution, any other window is opening and blocking the SAP logon page?

Can you try using the Active window activity and then do the click or Type into activity?


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There are no other windows.
Process was working fine till this afternoon. Not sure what caused the issue.

We are using login workflows provided by UI path ( S/HANA accelerators). (176.5 KB)

NOTE: Issues is why I publish it to the remote system.


I just re published the process. Now it’s working.

good to hear that… :slightly_smiling_face:

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