Not able to select a file with image icon from the window (in Adobe Media Encoder software)

Hi Friends, I’m trying to select a file which is named as ZZZ . When I tried to click on the file, the robot is not able to select the file. Instead, it is selecting the whole window as shown in the below screenshot.

the file that I’m trying to select was in the Adobe Media Encoder Software. the robot is not able to select the file which is named as ZZZ I have also tried to select the file based on FInd Image activity.But, It is able to select only one file. when it is trying to select for the another file from second folder, the robot is not able to find the image because of the position change, it is selecting the above file(as shown in the below screenshot) instead of the file that it wants to select.

Please help me on this.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Please try to F3 or F4 changes will effect for select region for indicate on screen

oh ok. I will try this and get back to you @Reddy_Paluri Thanks

Hi @Reddy_Paluri, I have just tried with your hints. it worked for only one time. that is the robot has selected the file and the OK button has been enabled. as shown in the below screenshot.

But for another file, the robot is not able to identify the image icon of the file and the file has not been selected by the robot just because the position of the file has changed(i.e., just one line down from the previous file) Please find the below screenshot. as the robot is failed to identify the file and is stuck. Ok button is not enabled.

Please suggest me how to proceed in this case. How to identify a file with the image icon even when the position of the file changes one line above or below in the window

try this way not sure assuming will work :smile:

will try this bro. I will get back to you shortly. Thanks once again for your time.

I have tried it. but it is the same. for the first time it is able to select the correct file (ZZZ file). but for the second time when it opens another folder. the robot is selecting the above file but not the ZZZ file.

try to change anchor position like bottom or auto

Changed it to bottom. only worked for first file. but when it comes for next file, it is not able to identify the file.

Take image exist it will return bool value

Anchor base (position for first)
Anchor base (Position for second)

Your folder position is changing second time

i will try this one @Reddy_Paluri. Thank you

Hi @eshwarsai_ks

Do try using as Click Image Activity

This will find the img and Click on it if the img is same all the time

Hope this may help you to solve your issue
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