Not able to see Robot while start job


I am trying to run a job in UiPath Orchestrator but not able to see robot hence not able to start the job.

Note : I am able to run the process through UiPath Robot in my machine.

Start job

@Tushar_Sukhiya - please change the Robot Type as ‘Unattended’ - it will available in Start Job window.

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Thanks for quick response. I am able to see the robot while start job but job getting Faulted.
It is asking for Orchestrator database and password. From where we can get this data?

Note : I have tried without giving the data but job is Faulted.

in Robot window - please provide the robot user password.


I was able to solve it by providing the password to the robot as “password” as I was not having any password to my machine.

pls set a password for the user and provide the password to the robot. password is mandatory for the unattended robot.