Not able to see Process/Robots under Jobs. Can Someone help please!



When creating a process, did you assign it to the specific environment?

U have to manage your robot environment. I’m afraid I cannot screenshot to help you because im on my phone right now.


If not, you have to upload your processes in to the right environment in which the machine that you want to use for deploy the process is defined.

I have uploaded the Process in the right Environment. I’m not sure why I am not able to see any under jobs. Does it needs to be specific type of Package(Test Case/Orchestrator Process) for it to be visible there?
PS. I only have one Environment

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Hi @Rahul_Ramnani

I just noticed that your process is of type Testing.

I believe you might have to assign a Testing license to your Robot for it to be available for this process.

You might have to first assign this testing license to your Orchestrator instance and then change your Robot license in your instance to Testing license.

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